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Our talent Search/Headhunting services are very valuable to our clients and the candidates we work with in Uganda. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively search and attract the most talented candidates using specialized tools and recruitment personnel constituted according to the role being filled.

We Will not stop until we have identified the perfect candidate for your position. We excel at building entire teams for start-up companies, from lower level positions, right the way through, on either a retained or contingent basis.

Using techniques, unknown by many recruiters, we take advantage of our advanced recruitment and job search platforms, finding great talent easily, but the job doesn't stop there. We have put together a thorough screening process that all headhunted candidates go through. Our clients have found that screening specialized candidates for the job is challenging but ably shouldered by our recruitment team. On top of that, selling a new job opportunity to stable and talented candidates is hard, often they will be considering multiple opportunities if they are actively looking, or they will need to be encouraged to leave their existing company. Our recruiters are experts at "selling" new opportunities to our candidates - they are all passionate about what they do, and that enthusiasm is key to a successful hire. Many of our candidates and clients have come from referrals and we have made our referral really effective.

We test the candidates with our state of the art psychometric tests and present to you the top 3 – 5 candidates to interview and select from. See examples below for the Test report for an individual candidate, report with results of all candidates, and our final report with selected CVs.  

Example of a summary for all candidates for one of the head hunting exercise done for a client.

Example of an individual performance report for one of the head hunting exercise done for a client. It contains over 40 questions tailored to the job.

Example of our final recruitment report with selected CVs sent to the client/Employer.

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