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Strong leadership and people management.  Digital marketing  Able to manage complex sales processes and negotiations to a successful conclusion.  Computer-literate, well-versed with most computer applications suitable for today’s office (Word, Excel, Power point, outlook and Access).  Teamwork player and an innovator.  Ability to work for long hours with limited supervision.  High level of presentation, interpersonal, team building, confidentiality, excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Excellent work ethics, high integrity and loyalty.

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Dedicated sales, marketing and operations manager with 5 years’ hands-on experience with effective leadership who excels at using proven methods and cutting edge technology to successfully cut costs, streamline operations and increase productivity. An assertive and enthusiastic with extensive knowledge of process optimization and an unsurpassed worth ethic. EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS
Uganda Christian University, Mbale 2016 -2020
Master’s degree in Business Administration – Marketing (research on going)
Uganda Christian University, Kampala 2012 -2015
Bachelor of Procurement & Logistics Management
Mbale Parents’ School, Mbale 2009 –2010
Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)
Moroto High School, Moroto 1994 –1997
Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) CAREER SUMMARY
Knight Frank Uganda Ltd 2018 Dec-2019 Dec
Marketing Officer
White Nile Rafting 2018 May –2018 Aug
Marketing Manager
Uganda Breweries Ltd (True North) 2016 - Feb 2018
Positions held:
 Project Pearl Coordinator (Eastern Region) Oct 2016 - Feb 2018
 Seal Team Coordinator (Eastern Region) June 2016–July 2017
 Seal team Salesman April 2016–June 2016
Bidco (u) Ltd Sept 2014 – Feb 2016
Distributor Route Sales Promotional Manager (Teso-Karamoja)
Knight Frank Uganda Ltd 2018 Dec- 2019 Dec
Marketing Officer
 Develop and implement tailored marketing plans for campaigns, activations and events.
 Management and development of all digital marketing strategies.
 Create brand value in order to attract new retail clients and increase customer traffic.
 Develop a comprehensive annual marketing communication plan, which should result in increased revenue for retailers and repeat shopper visitation.
 Support retailer’s business development initiatives, including creating individual marketing activities for retailers as required.
 Drive advertising revenue from tenanted and non-tenanted retailers.
 Source sponsorship from tenant and non-tenant retailers.
 Communicate retail trends to centre management – areas to include sales and foot traffic forecasting and general issues reporting.
 Implement the mall’s CSI Programme.
 Build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
 Create and drive consumer traffic to the mall by delivering differentiated and sponsorable experiences (campaigns, initiatives and events).
 Contribute to the mall’s annual business plans.
 Developing daily, monthly social and digital media content plans.
 Generate content for the malls newsletter.
 Provide operational support (management and administrative).
 Planning, project managing and evaluating the effectiveness of all marketing activity.
 Regular reporting (Weekly status and monthly reports).
 Exceeded expectations by developing and implementing marketing strategies that brought “dead” retailers back to life, increasing their sales revenue by 10% from the campaigns & retailer development initiatives.
 Created brand value that attracted new retail clients and increased customer traffic through events and retailer sourcing.
 Grew customer base and traffic at the malls from initial day footfall of 4000 to 8000 people resulting from the marketing campaigns.
 Built strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
 Grew the online presence and following resulting to the achievement of the 2018 social and digital marketing objectives.
White Nile Rafting 2018 May – 2018 Aug
Marketing Manager
 Planned and implemented various Strategic and Decision-making programs in line with organizational Mission and vision.
 Administered all business marketing operations and advertisement campaigns that eventually generated 5% increase in web traffic in 4 months.
 Established a social media KPI (Key Performance Indicators) metrics to determine the ROI of efforts.
 Tracked and analyzed social and web data to choreograph and optimize targeted social campaigns, as well as assign ROI-driven metrics to each campaign.
 Designed and implemented social media strategy to align with business goals.
 Conducted research and baseline surveys on current benchmark trends and audience preferences.
 Developed the relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers.
 Designed, created and managed promotions and Social ad campaigns.
 Analyzed key metrics and tweak strategy as needed.
 Implemented a large social media campaign, increasing the company’s market share by 50% in the industry.
 Increased the company’s online and offline presence by 70% through strategically planned and executed digital and offline marketing in just four months.
 Measured and reported performance of all digital marketing campaigns to ensure that they meet ROI and KPI directives.
 Evaluated end to end customer experiences and provided for adoption where required.
Uganda Breweries Ltd 2016 - Feb 2018
Project Pearl Coordinator (Eastern region) Oct 2016 - Feb 2018
 Set targets for beer and spirits of all stockists under my supervision.
 Set targets for brand ambassadors and provision of leadership.
 Tracked performance and analysis of all the pearl stockists and Submitted Daily, Weekly and monthly summary reports.
 Expanded the Diageo market share, and delivered value to Diageo's Brands to consumers through stockists.
 Expanded the market share and grew both weighted and Numeric distribution and realized price compliance at stockist’s level.
 Implemented and executed cycle plant at 100% strike rate and generated market insights.
 Enhanced smooth operations of the distributorship and created Market for Diageo's products.
 Handled and Fast-tracked the closure of all Pearl Issues in the Eastern region for both Beer and Spirits Customers.
 Ensured all distributors are aligned to the key performance indicators as specified in the Contract for project pearl.
 Submitted weekly feedback about competitor activities and competitor brand performance from stockists’ level.
 Discovered and developed new stockists to sell 70% of UBL brands to ensure effective distribution and full range disposal of all beer & spirits brands to all our consumers.
 Training and supervising brand ambassadors for project pearl.
 Contributed to the achievement of the regional target from Project Pearl, which resulted to achievement of over and above National depletion target of Uganda Breweries Ltd. Phase 0ne 10% above target, phase two 6% above target and phase three 8% above target from 2016 to 2018.
 Expanded the stockiest level as the result of the performance of project pearl.
 Groomed and trained the brand ambassadors who later became current junior sales representatives at UBL and other organizations.
Seal Team Coordinator (Eastern Region) June 2016 – July 2017
 Recruiting, training and training the seal team.
 Coordinated, provided direction guided the team and consolidated the daily share and weekly reports with project lead.
 Jointly planned and provision for the seal team.
 Sustained and intensified efforts to grow UBL distribution footprint and depletion which should translate into 15% growth on monthly basis.
 Ensured the seal team knew the Diageo way of selling theory and consistently sold Diageo brands brilliantly to win in the trade.
 Monitored and rewarded stockiest in the above project in line with their weekly targets.
 Set Black bell targets for the above ambassadors and ensured listing of the same in the targeted segment.
 Successfully activated demand for senator in the region with an uplift of more than 15% above historical rate of sale per Contract Distributor from seal team project.
 Successfully nurtured, groomed, trained people in Sales Management. Some of them are currently Sales Representatives in Uganda Breweries and other FMCGs.  Increased customers’ interest in new product lines by successfully generating ideas for sales contests.  Increased customer base by employing strategic sales initiatives.
 Successfully created Twelve (12) new routes with the seal team project in addition to the CD routes of operation that increased UBL’s distribution growth. (Tapac-Rupa route in Moroto Karamoja, Tiira and Bulache in Tororo, Ikiiki-Butebu-kibuku route, Koota, Bujibone-Budadiri route in Mbale, Orungo, Lale route in Soroti, Buyengo, Gwaya-Gwafe, Kakira route, Kisozi in Iganga, Kabunandi in Kapchorwa, Butaleja-Naboa route).
Bidco (u) Ltd Sept 2014 – Feb 2016
Distributor Route Sales Promotional Manager.
 Ensured that new Bidco Products are introduced in the market.
 Ensured product visibility at the direct party points and all the retail outlets.
 Collected and replaced all damaged products at the direct party, whole sale and retail points.
 Identified and opened up new routes for Bidco route sale trucks.
 Ensured proper sales and Distributed in all my areas of Operation.
 Helped the Area sales in charge to keep an eye on competitor activities in the routes.
 Successfully activated the demand for white star soap in Teso-Karamoja regions hence enabling Bidco to grasp a market share in two regions from 2014 to 2016.
 Grow market share for Bidco products especially in Teso/Karamoja region. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
 Digital marketing for business and brands.
 Have attended several special trainings in Effective Marketing and Selling Skills organized by Uganda Breweries Limited in the last 3years with emphasis on the Diageo Way of Selling, 2016 – 2018.
 I have attended various trainings in project management and strategy during my time at Uganda Breweries Limited, 2016 – 2018.
 Certificate in Computer Applications, January 2012, Impact Institute of Technology-Soroti.
 Attended driving training at Prestige Driving School, Mbale in 2016. I possess a valid and clean Driving License.
 Patriotism and leadership youth Conference-July 2014, Jobiah Hotel, Mukono.
 NSSF Career Expo 2014 on intelligent career choices and systematic planning, July 2014, Uganda Christian University-Mukono.
 Quality promotion and elimination of waste, November 2013, Uganda Christian University-Mukono.
 Certificate of introduction to Human Rights, March 2009, Moroto High School.
 Certificate of sexual and reproductive health and rights, August 2009, Moroto High School. MEMBERSHIPS
 A member of the Uganda Marketers Society as a Marketing forerunner. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
 Strong leadership and people management.
 Digital marketing
 Able to manage complex sales processes and negotiations to a successful conclusion.
 Computer-literate, well-versed with most computer applications suitable for today’s office (Word, Excel, Power point, outlook and Access).
 Teamwork player and an innovator.
 Ability to work for long hours with limited supervision.
 High level of presentation, interpersonal, team building, confidentiality, excellent verbal and written communication skills.
 Excellent work ethics, high integrity and loyalty.
1. Ms. Lerato Matsaneng
Former Head of Marketing
Knight Frank Uganda
Mobile +256782458839/+27767798373
2. Mrs Jackie Namara Rukare
Marketing Consultant
Mobile +256752570088
3. Mr. Mugaba Michael.
Regional Area Sales Manager
BIDCO (U) Limited
Mobile +256772905461/+256752916126
4. Mr. Kafiire J
Human Resource Consultant
True North Consultancy.
Mobile: ++256701359672/0787638777.

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