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Listing or Posting a Property with Deeper Details

​Providing exhaustive details about the property helps the client to make better informed decisions and ultimately builds trust for more business for the Agent and the Property company.

Start with providing general information that includes the information below.

Scroll down to indicate the convenience items available at the property.

Provide the Property Details. Provide a detailed description of the property with at least 3 paragraphs or a minimum of 300 words so that search engines give preference to your listing. Search engines love text content and you need to take advantage of that. 

Click the horizontal tabs in orange below to provide the Parking details, Building Information, Basement & Foundation, Land Information, Business Information, and Rural Information details. They will expand when you click on them.

 Under Other Information; you can provide a Meta Description which search engines use to display in search results. Maximum of 20 words. You can also add your YouTube Videos.

 You can automatically upload the images if they already exist somewhere on the internet or Manually from your computer.

Caution: Never Pay Money in a Recruitment Process.

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